Thursday, April 29, 2010

What are you excited about?

On Monday this week, Robin, Jaimie, Shauna and I had a girls dinner, which occurs monthly at Robin's house. We cook unique meals with unique food - food that usually involves ingredients I have never heard of before. First off...

Meet Robin
Brown haired, brown eyed, God-seeking, travel junkying, book reading, beautiful singing, salsa dancing, event planning, always smiling, excited-voice screeching gal who's always warm and inviting no matter what. I look up to her for so many reasons, but especially for her unwavering faith and strong marriage. Been friends for 3 years.

This month, we had a Jamaican style dinner complete with jerk chicken, rice and peas (kidney beans), and mango salsa....

We always have a great time talking about life, work, and faith. One thing Robin never fails to ask us every month is, "What are you most excited about if your life right now?"  The first time she asked me this, I was caught off guard, because, well, I've never really thought too deeply about what I'm excited about at any given moment. I appreciate this question though, because it gives me the opportunity (at least once during the month) to really think about what excites me - and it also challenges me to look at moments with a different attitude. Have you thought about it lately? What are you most excited about right now in your life?  Something to think about at least!

This week for me, I am really excited about heading home for the weekend.  I haven't seen my family since Easter, and I do cherish every time I go home.  I am a country gal and any excuse to get back there, I'm all over it.  I'm excited to see my parents and grandma.  Excited to have coffee with two wonderful ladies Saturday morning. Excited to see mom's spring flowers blooming. Excited to see the farmers out planting in the fields. And excited to run 10 miles on the hilly country roads to see if I can really do it - Cross your fingers for me. 

I'm in need of a relaxing weekend, because I have had one busy but FUN week.  Wanna see?

Girls dinner as mentioned.

Miley movie with my friend, JE. I'm not a big fan of chick flicks, but I took one for the team, and it ended up being pretty decent.

Dinner and hanging out with Aunt Mary and her roomie, Linda (I will introduce Linda later). I am fortunate to have an aunt who lives in Indy...the one aunt who got away from "The Hometown."   The rest of my family (minus some cousins) still lives in The Hometown. Anyway, Mary is more like a sister to me, even though she is almost___years old (Mary, I didn't type it!) We hang out often, run together, cook together, play tennis, etc.  Yesterday, she introduced me to Glee, and I think I'm in love.  Great show. To put it simply, she is great!

Meet Aunt Mary
Brown hair, blue eyed, motorcycle riding, meatloaf cooking, tennis playing, road running, mail-carrying, dog-loving, sports loving, outgoing, farmville-obsessing, ant-hating aunt who is the kindest and most giving person you will ever meet.  I look up to her for the humble kindness and giving attitude.  She has been my aunt for 25 years.

I got my final shot for Africa! Yellow Fever--and as of 10 hours later, no side effects!  Remember, this was the nasty one my regular doc wouldn't give me. Thankfully, I survived -even though it HURT! phheeww!  Next feat--the 16 hours worth of plane rides! Only two weeks till take off!

Now, I am sitting on the couch of my friends, Danielle and Jeff, babysitting for their four babies. You never know where this off-the-cuff life will lead! Tonight it's in a king size bed complete with...






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