Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't you have enough to do?

Well, here it is. My official first post..that is, if you don't count "test."  I attended a blogging workshop on Tuesday with the mindset of.. Nope, won't get into this sort of thing. I simply don't have time.  It would be just one more thing to add to my already-full plate.  I guess the instructors were THAT good, because now I've been sucked in. I feel like the victim of a telemarketer up to his dirty tricks. We'll see how long this lasts. I stayed up late last night to finish my blog theme, so my goal is one month, then I'll look back-analyze-and....   In all honesty, I'm pretty excited about this for a few reasons.

1. This is the creative outlet I've been dreaming of.  Finally a place I can combine my love of design and writing.  I tell myself again and again I've got to take time in my personal life to let the juices flow. I pounced.

2. I'll make Leah happy as a little lark.

3. This will serve me well as the Great Hannah History Book. My grandma writes down everything she does on a daily basis.  This is my attempt to follow in her footsteps - she's a smart lady, so I'm copying.  This will be the way I remember my daily adventures..I'm 25 and can't seem to remember what I did last night. Maybe I need to try eating organic food. It helps the long and short term memory, right? 

4. I'm going to open this blog up to those I am close to, so they can check up on me every now and then.  Not that I'm anyone special -- except to my mom of course -- but maybe I'll be able to cut down on the phone minutes. Just kidding.  Nothing beats a good phone conversation.

If you want to stay up with my rumblings--here it is folks. If not, you're probably smart!

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  1. mmmmuuuwwwahhhaaahhhaa! Glad you fell for the dirty trick.

    --signed one of the telemarketers


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