Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I thought bucket lists were supposed to be fun!

I'll admit, I'm a wuss when it comes to a few things. Two of those include:

running long distances

and getting shots

  Today I had the joy of experiencing both.  Nine miles and three shots later, I'm sitting in my living room/bedroom with sore arms, sore knees, and more relief than...I won't go there.  Relief that I'm one step closer to my trip to Africa (hold out on me Eyjafjallajökull!). Relief that I'm one step closer to finishing this mini marathon.  And relief that I'm one step closer to tomorrow! Two bucket list items..Africa. Mini-marathon.check.check. Is there really need for this much pain though?

I tend to think the worst when it comes to shots, so today the thoughts entering my mind were, "Yes, I'm going to be the 1 person out of 25 million that have the crazy side effect" and "I'm going to be the first person to have some never-before seen side effect."  and "It's going to happen while I'm running alone, and I'm going to die right there mid-mile as bigboy rides by on his segway." YIKES

So I get into the exam room and finally had my mind "clear," when my doc goes on to tell me she won't administer the yellow fever vaccine because it is a nasty one. NASTY! What!? She goes on to tell me that the side effects are significant, so they'd rather not. Good grief..looking forward to getting that one now.  Co-workers, friends...I may REALLY need someone to come with me to hold my hand!

Thankfully, my good friend Jaimie came to my rescue and helped me survive.  I am convinced I am going to need someone to talk to while I'm running my 13.1 miles on May 8.  I felt like this hour and half tonight went so fast thanks to her.  So grateful for good friends who can help keep your mind off the tough tasks at hand and tonight, the pain right above the hands...

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