My Bucket List

I found my list hidden on my external hard drive. Hooray! I haven't looked at this in years, and it looks like I get to cross a few off! I'm adding a few too.

Plant a garden
Take a web class
Learn more about Adobe Photoshop
Learn more about Adobe Illustrator
Learn Flash
Travel to: Africa, Tuscany, Ireland, California, Hawaii, South America, Alaska
Visit and hike the Grand Canyon
Set foot in all 50 states: 30 down 20 to go!
Meet a real cowboy out West on his ranch
Stand in four states at one time
Learn how to can/preserve food
Ride in a limo
Madi Gras
Go deep sea fishing
Go rappelling
See Shauna tipsy
Stand on the Mexican Border
Go to a real Bull Riding Contest
Visit New York in all it entails
Vegas Baby!
Decorate my own space/apt/home
Take a woodworking class
Take a photography class and buy a really expensive camera
Take a painting class
Start up my own graphic design freelance business
Homemake all my own birthday cards for a year
Travel somewhere and really try to learn the culture
Learn to fly fish
Learn to wake board
Go to a Nascar race and wear a hillbilly race shirt
Go backbacking in Europe
Sleep in a hostel
Learn to snowboard
Help a little old lady cross the street
Meet someone famous
Get my college degree
Ski out West
Learn to dance like the Texans
Eat something CrAzy!  Horse, Rabbit, squirrel and Turtle Ostrich, Crocodile
See a tornado in real life (from a far distance)
Finish crocheting my blanket that has been in progress for about 7 years
Learn to play the piano
Win the Strassenfest Polka Contest
Read the whole Bible
Go on a really long horseback ride and then camp
See Broadway musicals or others- Phantom, CATS, Evita, Circ du sole,’ ANYTHING!
Go to the Kentucky Derby, wear a fancy hat and drink a mint Julip
Be more involved with a church – make cards. Use my abilities. Eucharistic Minister
Find a charity to volunteer with on a regular basis
Ride a combine during harvest
Learn to ballroom dance
Buy land
Raise some livestock myself
Learn to cook a little better
Be a guest on the Oprah show (don't know about this anymore)
Pay off all school loans by April 2013. The original plan was 2023.
Drive out west in an old beat up jeep, sit in the bars and talk to locals along the way
Climb or jump off a waterfall
Donate blood
Run a half marathon
Get something named after you
Go scuba diving
Hike up a mountain
Cliff Dive
White water rafting
Ride horses on a beach
Ride in a hot air balloon
Stand under a plane when it lands or takes off
Ride in a helicoptor
Go sailing
Butcher and eat my own chicken (yeah I know...gross)

and finally...

Earn enough money, so I can cross everything off this bucket list!

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