Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The things you learn & RECEIVE at trade shows

I have been at an agricultural conference in Minneapolis the past couple days (have never traveled to Minnesoooota before - bucket list item -check!)  and have had a great time meeting people, eating good food, and listening to great presentations.  One cool part about attending conferences such as these is the tradeshows and the FREE stuff that comes along with them. As the economy has gotten worse, many companies are starting to cut many of the freebies given away at tradeshows, however you can still seek out some hidden treasures - not to mention some good information as well.  Did I mention - cute boys?

Well first...I arrived to my hotel room and found this on my bed. Lavendar pillow and sheet spray? Do people perfume their sheets now?  I'm guessing this helps one fall asleep but I think this may come in handy when I'm too lazy to do laundry.


I had to sign up for a model Case IH tractor to receive this beauty.  Not to mention, I talked to the very handsome booth attendant. Too bad I was too chicken to go back after the first encounter.  From now on, every time this flashlight helps light my path, his memory will bring a little light to my life. 
Everyone needs a good beef-temperature checker. 
A snack for later! Yum!  These chips are unique in that they are fried in a soybean oil that is high-oleic!  What the heck does this mean? Well it's basically a dream for consumers, farmers, and food companies.  It's oil with 0 trans fat and a long shelf life, which is important for food companies. Plus...the soybeans used for this oil are straight from our local soybean farmers! This mix doesn't occur very often in oils.  Interesting!
(Also note, you won't be able to buy this oil until 2011-2010. It's still in testing stages) http://www.plenish.com/

And...finally...this has got to be - by far - my favorite find of the day.  At first glance, I thought - what in the world can I do with a faux credit card looking plastic puzzle piece?? 

To my surprise, it was not a puzzle piece!  It was a jump drive - and it can fit in a billfold! Seriously - coolest thing ever.

2GB on this sucker. Upon opening up this jump drive, I learned a ton about agriculture.  Look at this myth/fact I found!

MYTH: Farming in the United States is controlled by large corporations that care about profits and not about animal welfare.

FACT: Of the 2.2 million farms in the United States, 87 percent are owned by an individual or a married couple responsible for operating the farm. If partnerships – typically a parent and one or more children or other close relatives – are added to this total, 97 percent of U.S. farms are family-owned and operated, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Even those farms that are legally corporations are generally family controlled, with USDA reporting only 7,000 non-family-controlled corporate farms in the United States. (source: animalag.org) 

 Oh the things you learn and find!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Tune - Good Advice!

I recently heard this song by Montgomery Gentry and loved it!  Agreed 100%

Life is too short to put it off anymore
You gotta live it before, it's too late
Can't turn that clock back around
On what you’re dreamin about
You better do it now don't wait
Do what they say can’t be done
While you're still young

~Montgomery Gentry

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Now I know why he's called the tight end

Last Tuesday was an exciting day for this girl. Dallas Clark, tight end for the Indianapolis Colts, is a spokesperson for one of the programs we implement at work. Check it out...Hoosier Horsepower.  AND...He was to make an appearance at one of our events!  Many of my coworkers had already had the opportunity to meet him earlier in the year, but since I'm new to my job (7 months - can't believe it's already been that long) I still needed my chance.  I'm not one to become star struck and drool all over myself when I see a famous person.  But....this was different.  Let me explain what happened...

I was waiting at the photo area where Dallas would soon arrive. I waited. We all waited. It became quiet. Dallas walked in. All eyes were on him. We made eye contact. He escaped from his entourage and walked over. I looked at him. He looked at me. I floated on air. He swept me up in his arms.  Then we danced together. He was the best dancer. He whispered to me sweet nothings and took my hand in his. Then I grabbed his tight end.

(screeching record) ok ok...actually....As sweet as that may sound, this is how it really went down...

I was waiting at the photo area where Dallas would soon arrive. I waited. We all waited. Dallas walked in. All eyes were on him. A few walked up to him. I waited in the shadows. I inched closer, hoping he'd make eye contact. Not a chance. The photos were taken of Dallas and awestruck fans. I wrote down the fans' names. I ran up to get a picture. He said "yes, the one doing all the work has to have a picture too." I grabbed his waist. I smiled big. He laughed. The picture snapped. I shook his hand. He went on his way.

Needless to say, it was still pretty cool to meet the man who helped lead the Colts to an "almost" Superbowl win with his 100 catches this season.  Did I mention he farms? Could he get any better? or better looking?

I don't know how impressed they were with me grabbing both their waists - but I was fine with it.  Also pictured is retired U.S. General Wesley Clark. We danced too. He actually polka'd with me.

Super Bowl XLI champs!  Vince Lombardi Trophy

My coworker, Shelia and I ran onto the Colts practice field to do some pushups before leaving. She's a hoot!

Due Thanks

Here is a shout-out to Megan, Cris, Leah and Meggie who have encouraged me enough to get back to blogging.  Hope I stick with it this time!

Thanks ladies!  Hope you are ready for more off-the-cuff adventures!

Check them out.  Their blogs are some of my favorites!

Gal in the Middle
Goodeness Gracious
Hoosier Farm Babe

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Cake Attack!

My first Linkie party! 

First Birthday Parties Never Get Old!

You really can't help but laugh!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Irish Road Bowling

Back where I'm from, you don't have to go too far for a good drink, a good conversation or just a plain ole' good time. I was reminded of this recently upon a visit home.  Mom informed me the neighbors were having a family reunion and would be participating in an Irish road bowling competition. Irish Road Bowling?! Huh?  Yep, that's right.  All you need is a repurposed canon ball, a few teams of four, and a 2-mile stretch of road.  Easy! 

This is how it works...

One team starts.  Each person on the team takes a turn chucking/rolling/hurling the ball down the road.  The more curvey, bumpy, and ditchy the road..the better!  The team continues moving with the ball, and each person takes their turns, all the while keeping track of the number of times they have rolled.  After two miles, whichever team rolls the least amount of times is the winner!  

This sport has actually been around since the 17th century. These days, it's played competitively in Ireland, Boston, New York, Vermont, West Virginia and now...yes...my hometown. I suspect very soon, you will see Indiana added to that list on Wikipedia (search subject: Irish Road Bowling).  It was brought here this past year by our town's "fun" committee who traveled to West Virginia to witness for themselves.  Beth, pictured below rolling, is on our town's fun committee and was trying it out with bowling balls during their family reunion. We'll call this the very first Irish Road Bowling "Test" Competition.   

September 18th marks the very first official competition in our hometown. The County Commissioner (or Commish as we call him) has approved the closing down of a 2-mile stretch of road and sign ups for 50 teams will open very soon.  Believe me, when that weekend comes around, I will be ready with a team of four, a rolling cooler and cannon ball ready for some road rage.  Let the traditions begin!
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