Meet the Peeps

I will continue adding my peeps as I blog about them.  There is a good chance you will see them again in later posts, so having this guide may help you get a better idea who they are.  Love my friends and family!

Brown haired, brown eyed, independent, Dads-Root-Beer-owning, world-traveling, business-school-graduating, golf-playing, fast-shower-taking, home-owning, beer-drinking cat lady who moved back to Jasper to sell some Dad's! How long have we been friends: 15 years.

Brown haired, hazel eyed, teeth-cleaning, spazzer-outer, money saving, book-reading, marathon-running, textbook-studying, wine drinking IUPUI dental student who I don't see as often as I should. We live 2 streets apart for crying out loud! How long have we been friends: 15 years

Adrienne (or Adrin)
Brown haired blue-eyed, thigh dancing, strassenfest-loving, fiber-craving, long-time-going-to-bed-getting-readier, fellow-beer-drinking, health nut who always makes sure I eat a good breakfast--and if I only eat fruit and yogurt--that's not good enough! How long have we been friends: 15 years

Blonde haired, blue-eyed, God-loving, allergy-prone, creative detail-oriented, iphone-loving, monkey-face making, heckofanAmazing cook and tax whiz who will do anything for anyone and always go out of her way to serve others. How long have we been friends: 1 year, 8 months.

Shauna (or Bacon bit)
Blonde hair, brown eyed, family-loving, witty-pun-making, bottled-water-drinking, church-going, long-distance-running, swim-lesson-teaching, Saturday-grocery-store-shopping, hopeless romantic who loves to parallel park...My one goal is to see her tipsy at least one time in my life. How long have we been friends: 2 years

Brown haired, brown eyed, God-seeking, travel junkying, book reading, beautiful singing, salsa dancing, event planning, always smiling, excited-voice screeching gal who's always warm and inviting no matter what. I look up to her for so many reasons, but especially for her unwavering faith and strong marriage. We've been friends: 3 years.

Aunt Mary
Brown hair, blue eyed, motorcycle riding, meatloaf cooking, tennis playing, road running, mail-carrying, dog-loving, sports loving, outgoing, farmville-obsessing, ant-hating aunt who is the kindest and most giving person you will ever meet. I look up to her for the humble kindness and giving attitude. She has been my aunt for 25 years.

Blonde Haired, blue-eyed, strong-willed, hyper-active, bumper and tripper over everything, high-energy, fun-loving, adventure-taking, sugar-craving, kitten-loving, stick-shift driving, daddy’s girl who can get anyone around her to feel energized. We have been sisters for 23 years.

Brown hair-brown eyed, boisterous, loud-speaking, good-time-having, music-loving, jig-dancing, drug-pushing, pants-peeing, funny-list making, toilet bowl - throwing, pharmasist named ashley who can keep you laughing the entire night. We have been friends for 5 years.


 Lindsay B
 Ashley (Woody)
 Lindsay P



Many more to come as I continue blogging about you!
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