Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Indypendent living means 450 sq ft.

I live alone. I live in a studio. I love it. I can honestly say I probably will never have another roommate again...unless I make it down the aisle one day.  Right now the only aisle I'm walking down is the grocery aisle, so unless that changes, nope, nein, natta. 

I've been asked several times why I am so adamant about living alone. It's not that I'm unsocial or that I've had bad roommate experiences.  I actually had the BEST college roommates and we had thousands of off-the-wall good times--ohh the memories...

But there came a point when I just wanted to do my own thing and I didn't want to worry about making other people happy.... I don't have or desire cable, I don't clean my dishes every dayI want to stay up till midnight with the music blaring and not feel bad, I want to feel responsible for my own mess, I want to decorate the fridge how I want it, I'd rather use windows than air conditioning, I need room in the fridge for my Busch Light, I don't find it necessary to own new fancy furniture at this point in my life, and I just want a place to get away and take a breather from my off-the-cuff life.

So, now I'm living economy style.  My parents came up to visit when I moved in and I excitedly offered dad a tour. He walked in, stood in the middle of the living room/bedroom floor, spread his arms apart and spun around in a circle proclaiming, "Wow, that was a nice tour."  Well, you all are in for a treat here tonight.  Here is my 360 degree tour!

The washer and dryer are hidden behind the curtain.

All furniture and decor you see here was either free, homemade or from a thrift store.

Behind closed doors. Literally every crevice of my apartment is stuffed to the brim.

Notice the VCR player -Rock on

This is where I hit snooze 10-15 times every morning.

The guest bed / couch/ desk/ dining room table

And now for some elements that make my studio more like home...

Glass bowl made by a friend

Homemade Pillows!

Rule of thumb: If the dust doesn't show up until a close up photo is taken, it's not really there.

Love my Indiana Wines

When all crevices have been filled, the corners come next

Boots and Tennis shoes - must haves for any girl

One of my favorite photos with my highschool peeps. 

Now, don't come steal all my cool stuff!


  1. Woohoo! our wedding invitation makes your wall :) We had one fantastic designer make those...

  2. Hi! I chose YOUR BLOG for an award on my blog!! Check it out: http://nycislandgal.blogspot.com/2010/04/lovely-blog-award.html

    Hope you like it!!

  3. Your apartment is so cute! I love it! I'm glad I found your blog. You seem fun!

  4. Love all the pics! That bowl is amazin'--one talented friend ya got!


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