Monday, April 26, 2010

Corn, kids, dirt and Bratwursts!

This Saturday was a real treat. 
Earth day was celebrated in Indianapolis and I had the fun opportunity to help out in the kids tent or "adults who wanted to be kids" tent. Our group taught kids the difference between sweet corn and field corn while helping them plant sweet corn into Cow Pots.
To kids: "Can you guess what these pots are made out of?"
Response: "Paper!?, seeds?! dirt?! woodchips?!"

Guess again kids - they're made out of cow manure! EWWW was the response heard over and over. We even had a few kids and adults throw down the pot and walk away appalled.  C'mon people -it's just reprocessed grass, hay and corn! Added bonus: no waste when replanting the seed. Just plant the whole pot and the manure acts as a natural fertilizer. Magic! 

Most people loved the poo and kept on planting!  Here are some commemorative poooo pictures!

Hey Indy Folks, look for single sweet corn stalks growing in a garden near you!

A shower was taken and fingernails cleaned - not that I minded. Any excuse to get dirty is fine by me (if you really call this dirty).  Guess you have to clean up to go out in Indy. Back home, you just show up and drink up. period. 

My good friend, Andrea, was in town for the night to celebrate her birthday - 25 big ones. Destination: Rathskeller 

Meet Andrea
Brown haired, brown eyed, independent, Dads-root-beer-owning, world-traveling, business-school-graduating, golf-playing, fast-shower-taking, home-owning, beer-drinking cat lady who moved back to Jasper to sell some Dad's!  How long have we been friends: 15 years. 
Meet Heather
Brown haired, hazel eyed, teeth-cleaning, spazzer-outer, money saving, book-reading, marathon-running, textbook-studying, wine drinking IUPUI dental student who I don't see as often as I should. We live 2 streets apart for crying out loud!
The Rathskeller downtown is one place we like to hang our hat in the summer time.  The outdoor Bier Garten and live polka music can't be beat..and neither can the Bratwursts!
Love at first sight

We had a great time taking all sorts of pictures
Laughing Pictures:
Awkward Pictures
...and Smiling Pictures (Good news! All of my friends do own normal facial expressions)
The Jasper buds are the best.  Been friends with these three for the past 15 years- Now who can say that?! So Blessed!

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  1. Well first off, I am a Hannah B as well! So obviously I was drawn to your page. But this is such a cute blog, great layout. You and your friends look like ya have so much fun.


    Hannah Katy


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