Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's official

I'm back! Don't worry, I'm not going to waste another post trying to explain why I have been absent from the blog world for so long. No excuses this time….well ok…to put it quite frankly, my wireless card and my computer were in the middle of an “it’s complicated” relationship. But it’s ok now, because my computer has found a new relationship with one whose initials are ATT.

So let’s go! In no particular order, here is a quick snapshot in photos of what’s been going on since Freezo-Rama!
My Goddaughter, Brooke turned 3

The Palladium, a new concert hall in Carmel opened up and we went to see free concerts.

Work party at JJ's Backyard BBQ

Home for Christmas...fresh snow on Christmas Morning

Traditional Christmas date nights with Grandmas. Here is my sister, grandma and I at the Mill in Jasper.

Holly's (bottom) bachelorette party in Nashville TN

New Years

Holly's Bridal shower. I love this hard core pic

Harlem Globetrotters

She's hitched

Valentine's Day Dinner

Belly dancing lessons

My first ever hockey game. Tampa Bay Lightning

Trip to Tampa, Fl for work

Bill Cosby

I fell on the ice and tore my ligament and chipped a bone. Had to wear this puppy for 6 wks

Rob's (middle blue) going away party.

Chicago view

I'm from Ireland, Indiana so I went home to celebrate. Always a great time

My boyfriend, Rob! He joined me at a banquet I helped plan through work.

Church group fun. So blessed

Children's Museum

Skiing date. One of the coolest dates, I must say.

Having fun with fresh snow at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. See Rob's snow angel next to mine?

Good friend, Erika's (next to me) Bachelorette wine tour party.

The loaner (2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee) Honda gave me while one of the four new transmissions was being installed in my Hybrid.

Ice skating double date

The Eagles that have made a home in my parents' tree

Adrienne's birthday party at the Ratheskeller

Game night with my of my fondest memories of the winter. This one was EXCEPTIONALLY fun!


  1. Welcome back! I loved the photo look into your life since you've been gone. The eagle shot is too cool.

  2. Great way to catch us up! LOVE Mr. Cosby and the Harlem Globetrotters. Looks like marriage might be a contagious thing in your group. Hope your vaccinations are all up to date. ;-)

    Buck Creek Winery is not too far from me. You were in Boiler Country!

    Good to see you are living life and having fun along the way!

  3. I just love you. What a busy life you lead...

  4. So glad you are back! Can't wait to hear all about your upcoming trip!!


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