Thursday, April 14, 2011

How do you frost?

I'll admit one of my guilty pleasures....

I bought these a few weeks ago ( gasp, I know- they lasted longer than a week!) That is...until tonight! I finished off the last two just a few minutes ago. Oh so good! That's my problem...I can't stop once I start. So usually I just don't buy them.

Growing up, beginning the morning with a Toaster Strudel was a treat. Mom didn't buy them very often, but when she out because they would be gone in a matter of hours. Breakfast...after school snack...sneaking them out of the fridge when mom wasn't looking... with three kids obsessed with them, they wouldn't last long.

One of my favorite things about eating a toaster strudel is the frosting. I love tearing off a lone packet of frosting and then "working it." Thats right, squeezing that sucker till it was warm and liquidy...

Rob and I were eating them the other day and got into an argument about the correct way to frost these little monsters. He thinks you should make it look just like the perfect and pretty. Ha! Who has time for that when you want to enjoy that tiny inch of frosting on every bite...and before it gets cold, mind you. Ever since I was little I have frosted mine the same way...

First you start with a plain strudel.

Then, you squeeze out all the oooie gooey goodness in a big blog.

Then spread it to every corner with your finger. One of the best parts is then licking your finger after the spreading is complete.

I know you're probably getting out your car keys now to hit up Kroger! Happy flavor hunting!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yep, smear it to the four corners, and always use your fingers! YUM! Thankfully there is not a grocery store around me open. The closest one would be about 20-30 miles! WHEW!


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