Sunday, June 12, 2011

A new wardrobe for $62.61

Due to my $15 monthly clothes budget, I don't shop very often; however today, I went on a shopping spree and managed to come home with 3 pairs of jeans, 2 blazers jackets, 4 skirts, 2 pair of capris, 1 pair of shorts, 2 pair of dress slacks, 1 pair of shoes, 3 tops, and 1 dress ALL for $62.61. (Megan, are you proud?) 

How? One word...Goodwill. So yeah, in the past I have visited several times for breakfast club outfits, Halloween attire, odds and ends apartment furnishings and even jorts for my sand volleyball team, but I never took Goodwill seriously for real clothes shopping...until today.  My good buddy, Amber, and I choose the Goodwills near and around Carmel, so maybe this is why we came away successful. If you don't mind used clothes that look brand new, then I suggest you visit soon. I was shocked to see all the name brands and barely-worn clothes.
Thank you American society addicted to consumerism...I'll take your "old" clothes...Check it out....

Dress shoes: $4.49,  New York and Company Blouse: $.99

Barely worn shorts and A&F capris: $3.99 each. 

Express skinny jeans: $.99
Mossimo jeans that fit so perfectly: $.99
Brand new Mossimo jeggings: $.99 (jeggings ha! gees)
Express tank top: $2.99
Blue fitted dress shirt: $4.29
Old Navy blazer jacket: $6.99  

Black strapless summer dress: $4.29

Four skirts: Total $10.58

This skirt from Cache' still had the original tag on it for $88. I got it for $.99 and it fit like a glove!

Two pair of dress pants: $.99 each

 Blazer jacket: $6.99

And now, I will be cleaning out two tiny closets so I can make room for these. That's my rule..if I buy new clothes, I have to get rid of clothes. Goodwill should be looking for my bag of donations soon...I just hope they will make a person's day like someone else's "old" clothes made for me!


  1. Great way to save, and I think your store choice AND location was an excellent one! Have fun with your new clothes!

  2. The Willie has been a mainstay for stuff for me for a long time. It pains me to think of paying $48 for a pair of pants!
    Congrats on the great finds!

  3. Wow! They must have been having a sale on pants!

    I shop at the GW and am not ashamed of it! after 2 babies in 3 years, my body has changed sizes so many times it's not even funny. The problem, though, is that it takes so long and my boys don't last forever in a store, so one day I'll do shirts, another day pants, etc.


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