Sunday, May 15, 2011

Technology Shift

I guess you can say that I'm pretty slow when it comes to keeping up with technology. Check out the camera and phone transitions I have gone through in the past few years.
The Nokia cell phone I had for 7 years up until one and half years ago was my prized possession, and to be honest I really wouldn't mind using this dependable little guy again.  It's been dropped in the toilet, run over, thrown across floors all during my five years of college (and two years out of college), and it still works.  As you can see from the picture, I even ordered some pimpin' green buttons from Japan.  (I couldn't source them in the U.S.).  Did I mention the original battery still lasts two days?  I'm keeping it around in case Smithsonian calls and wants it for their cell phone history display.

My OWL Shot camera was my first camera I owned through high school. I took that thing with me everywhere, and it served its purpose very well.  I took many many photos during those four years and have about 10 scrapbooks to prove it.  Unlike the Nokia, I will not be taking any more photos with this beast. 

My Nikon Coolpix camera broke last week, so I had to dig OWL out of the drawer for a wedding I attended.  I got the film developed (it cost $12 for 24 pictures), opened the package excitedly to see the results and walah...

Pixelation nightmare! 
Did you recognize LJB on the left from Jeans Boots? Her blog rocks!

Side note (Wasn't it the best getting that package film and opening it to see the treasure inside?!)  I guess the curiosity alone and excitement of seeing the photos for the first time was worth the $12 I spent, but I doubt I'll ever buy a roll of 35mm film again.

Since my camera broke and since I'm obsessed with taking pictures, I had to buy a new camera. No question. Even though my dream is to one day own a SLR and take a photography class (see bucket list), I can't really afford that right now (see college loan line item in bucket list), so I went in search of the perfect point and shoot.  I wanted a simple camera that could take great night photos, indoor photos, and macro shots. After some thorough internet research and help from some camera experts (thanks Megan, Rob and Leah), I settled on this little beauty:

Let me just say that so far, I am quite impressed with this powerful little camera, which made its debut in March.  Here are some cool photo effects I played with today.


Color Accent Selector

Color Replacement - Yikes! 
(To all you lotion companies out there...I am available for hand modeling)

Here are some other features of my new camera:
Takes slow motion videos
Takes miniature effect video (check out this one from YouTube)
High burst continuous shots - for a fast moving target. It can capture 8.0 frames per second
Fish eye effect
Face detect - when a new face comes into the photo, it can detect it and start the countdown until photo snap.
Wink detect - It doesn't take the photo until someone winks to trigger it. (yep - it works. I tried it and laughed out loud when it actually worked!)
Handheld night scene
Under water mode - would have to get a protective case, of course.
It has the ability to record Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 videos at 24 fps with stereo sound, thanks to its CMOS sensor.
Very thin, yet still has a 5x optical zoom
Can capture 24mm wide-angle images
Long shutter
Stitch assist for panoramic shots

These are just a few features of this camera.  I'm excited to try some more features out this week as I head to Florida (especially the Beach Scene Effect).  Stay tuned!

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  1. A new camera is so much fun to play with and get to know. Enjoy breaking it in; it sounds like you have a lot of options right at your finger tips, no matter what color they are ;-)


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