Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Friday: Almost to L.A.

Lack of computer connection and lack of Rob's photos prevented me from posting this weekend, so even though it's late, I'm continuing to post so I can remember our wonderful trip!

We started off Friday morning, visiting our friends, Fred and Wilma. Yup, that's right. Who knew Bedrock was so close to the Grand Canyon. And we were pleased to find that everything still looked really good for being over a million years old. I guess it is made out of stone...anyway..check it out!

We said goodbye to the Flintstones and headed...I'll let you take a guess..Westward! Onto L.A. For lunch, we stopped at a famous little restaurant in Needles, C.A. - recommended by a gas station attendant- called The Juicy's River Cafe. Our appetizer was fried fettuccine. I think I'm going to bring the idea to the State Fair this year. Delicious.

During the drive to L.A, we jaunted off I-40 down to I-10 so we could take a pit stop at Palm Springs. Getting down to I-10 was quite the drive. Let me paint the picture for you...two lane road lined with nothing but lone cacti, scattered bushes, barren rock formations and every so often, a solar powered call station. There was not a house or electric line in sight. No other roads were seen for a 70 mile stretch. We did stop to get a few pictures of the cactus.
Also, check out this sweet video I just learned how to create on my camera.  Too bad I didn't know about this feature when we started!

When we arrived in Palm Springs, it was getting dark, but we decided to do what we had come for anyway. Head up the cliffs of the Chino Canyon via the Aerial Tram. This tram ascended up 6,000 feet from the hub station in about 10 minutes, as the picture of Palm Springs got smaller and smaller and smaller. We did get some really neat views of the city lights 8,500 feet below us and got some quiet moments under the stars alone before we caught the last tram back down. 

The last two hours of our road trip to the West Coast went fast and we arrived in L.A. around midnight to stay with Rob's brother who lives there. It's a little sad for me knowing that we don't have any further to drive. This is it...I'm hoping that maybe there is a chance we can just drop off the U-haul then I can take him right back to Indiana...well, at least we still have a whole weekend to enjoy L.A. together!


  1. I have enjoyed your trip Thanks for taking me along

  2. Hugs! Enjoy every moment. Thanks so much for sharing this once in a lifetime trip with all of us. Can't wait for the next big adventure, and there WILL be more!

  3. Can I just tell you how envious I am of you for going on this adventure - and what I co-pilot to enjoy it with! I'm loving every bit of reading about this trip; sure looks like you had the time of your life. Thanks for sharing, dear friend!


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