Monday, September 26, 2011

Neat Wedding Ideas - Now Don't You get Any Ideas!

The past few weekends, I've been to some weddings and a bridal shower. While there, I picked up some great do it yourself ideas. I thought they were very clever. Here I go sharing!

Jacki, the Maid of Honor worked with the "future" groom, Craig, to collect 24 reasons he loved Ashley (the Bride to be).  Jacki then bought two dozen roses and wrapped them in ribbon. On the ribbon, she wrote the 24 things Craig loved about Ashley. It was so sweet!

Favorite answers: "I love smacking your ass," and "I love when you are always right." Smart guy!

Mindy had a very cute idea for the favors at her wedding. At the reception table, you were supposed to pick up a homemade fabric bag and fill it with homemade cookies!

One of the bridesmaids at the wedding shower had this great idea. She bought 20 anniversary cards and passed one to each guest. She put month 1, month 2, month 3, etc. on them. We each filled one out and gave it back to the bridesmaid, who will mail them each month after the wedding. A "happy anniversary" card each month!

This idea was cute. The maid of honor saved brown wine bottles and glued engagement photos to them as table settings.  These will also serve as centerpieces for the rehersal dinner.

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  1. You will have to keep a special file for these ideas! I am sure you will run into more before you need them. For our "coming out of the church" moment, I decided I didn't want to be pelted with anything so I found a bunch of small cow bells, spray painted them white, and then after a family/friend shower gave everyone their favorite drinks and a black marker to make them look like Holsteins. Steve family milked cows for 40 years. When we came out, everyone shook the bells, and to my knowledge no one was harmed by this ;-)


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