Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Two thoughts on a Tuesday

My grandpa once told me that when I recieve something meaningful, be sure to share it with others, so they can receive the same joy/knowledge too.  Tonight at bible study, two statements stuck out to me...

...One person decided to bring up the age-old debate of free-will vs. predestination. yay! (with a little sarcasm thrown in). The discussion became more argumentative....as one would suspect. Chiming in, one gal said what needed to be said quite clearly, "Act as if it's up to you, pray as if it's up to God and you'll be covered."  Amen Sister! I loved it - and so did everyone else!

...When discussing the responsibilities of being a disciple and responding to our calling, a kind man in our group said something that struck me...he said, "We go through life accepting the gifts and abilities He gives us, but sometimes we forget to say thank you - And thanking Him means using those abilities for the reasons He gave them to you in the first place."  very well put and a point well taken.

1 comment:

  1. Those are great thoughts and ones that I will remember. Thanks for sharing.


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