Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ten things I learned this weekend

1. There is no need to carry pepper spray with you when running at dusk in the country. The only culprits you find are....

2. Grandma's molasses cookies are always worth the extra calories.

3. Mom will always be a better cook than me no matter how hard I try (see..Mo thinks so too).

4. Andrea can, indeed, cook....and Saturday morning it was coffee and muffins. So proud.

5. Beer tastes just as good in the morning - especially when it's freshly tapped at Andrea's house.

6. Even on dreary, rainy days, mom's flowers are beautiful.

7. According to my dog, Mo, dead squirrels on the side of the road are definitely worth dragging two miles home during a seven mile run (I'll spare you the squirrel).

8. Mustard weed covering a field is pretty even if it is just a weed.

9. Dave Ramsey is a lifesaver. My April budget left me with a chunk of cash to put towards my college loan debt. Over the course of the class, I have paid off about 1/5 of my college debt. Baby steps ya'll!

10. Something I often forget - Giving is one of the most important things you can do in your life.


  1. So true about giving. Giving is definitely a huge deal no matter if we give a little or a lot, it always makes an impact.

    Those flowers are beautiful, but the most beautiful thing would have to be all that yummy food!

  2. those cookies look delicious! and definitely worth the extra calories :)

    love your blog!


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