Thursday, June 17, 2010

Encouragement Needed

Alright peeps, I need help.  Since I've returned from Africa, I feel like nothing in my life is exciting enough to blog about! The same with pictures...I haven't gotten my camera out since! What is wrong with me? I need some motivation to start blogging again... HELP! Anyone? Someone?

Or maybe I just need a free evening to relax. The past two "off the cuff" weeks have been filled up once again. I'm going to document below, so I remember them down the road. If you don't read anything else (and I don't blame you), at least read the last sentence...  I received the best news tonight...

Friday June 4 - Thursday June 17

Friday - Ratheskeller with Adrienne to see Blessid Union of Souls. .  Wore some sweet cowboy boots with a dress - totally Miley - and totally not like me to wear a dress to a bar. 

Saturday - Vintage Indiana - Wine Festival Downtown.  Discovered a great new spiced pumpkin wine from Winzerwald Winery down in Southern Indiana. Saturday night, I traveled to Danville to celebrate my "other Pudue half," Sammy's, graduation..a few Busch lights, mini weenies, and pieces of cake later...

Tuesday - Made African-style dinner for a new friend, Monica, from my church group.  We got to know each other and connected both personally and spiritually on so many levels -  Thankful for a new friend to share with.

Wednesday - Drinks with the Jasper gals downtown - from now until mid July (when my best bud Adrienne leaves for grad school) we'll be getting together at a unique venue downtown.  Two menu requirements: beer and fried pickles. So far - Scotty's, Slippery Noodle, Creations Cafe..wonder what Kasie is going to pick for next week?

Thursday - Haircut and Congressional Insight at the Statehouse.  First time in the House Chambers.  Good thing Katie works for Mitch Daniels! Our team got "re-elected!"

Friday thru Sunday - Haley came. Ran the Monon. Were drenched as we arrived at Ratheskeller with Nick, Holly, Creagger and Bart (Best Ratheskeller concoction - Woodchuck and Guiness - TRY IT!) Made an African lunch, although not quite the same as the real deal. Church. Went through videos. Shopping. Trader Joes. Aldis.   Great - relaxing weekend hanging with the sis.

Monday - Dinner and tennis with Mary and Linda. was too hot to play tennis, so we watched Bonanza, ate dinner, then watched the storms roll in with hopes of seeing a Tornado.  Although, I can't wait to finally swing the tennis racket this summer...hopefully soon.  Returned home and watched the four episodes of Desperate Housewives Aunt Mary taped for me...can we say 2 a.m.? OUCH! 

Tuesday - Lunch with Robin! The girl is so full of insight...a snipet of insight over lunch..."We all have a God hole, and we tend to fill that hole with things other than God in hopes they will fulfill us!"  Went to bible study on Tuesday night. Daiva and I danced, and we saw baby Emerson for the first time. Michael led the group, and we talked about angels...Do you believe there are angels among us? 

....Committed to a sand volleyball team...Another fun thing to add to my summer activities!

Wednesday - Haley had a job interview, so she came to Indy AGAIN. We ran on the Canal Downtown, and then joined Adrienne at Creations Cafe for Wed night drinks- If you haven't tried it, I would highly recommend it!  YUM!  We then came home and watched Dirty Dancing - on VHS, mind you.  Dreamed about Patrick....

Thursday - Lunch with Kristen - a good friend from Disney, Purdue, and now Indy -- found out she is 7 mo. pregnant - We DEF needed to catch up. Drinks with Jeremy (JJ) at Traders Mill Bar and Grill. So good to see him, catch up and receive his famous teddy bear hug. We had a nice talk about grain buying.  :) He buys soybeans for a large processing facility in Northern Indiana and sells soybean meal so our Indiana piggies and cows can eat. 

and the best news of the day....

EXCITING NEWS! HALEY GOT A JOB TEACHING IN INDIANAPOLIS AND WILL BE LIVING IN THE CITY - JUST LIKE ME!!!!!! EEEEKKKKKSKSSS! She had an interview yesterday and got the offer today- dang girl! Let the off-the-cuff adventures continue!

Meet Haley
Blonde Haired, blue-eyed, strong-willed, hyper-active, bumper and tripper over everything, high-energy, fun-loving, adventure-taking, sugar-craving, kitten-loving, stick-shift driving, daddy’s girl who can get anyone around her to feel energized.


  1. Ummmm, I think your life is full of blogging moments. I thought I was busy. I wanna be like you when I grow up. Wait a minute...

  2. Dude... that is a busy schedule! I agree... plenty blog worthy moments! WooHoo on your Haley news :)


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